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Marco Blaauw © Janet Sinica


17.01.2022 | 

Marco Blaauw plays Rebecca Saunders composition White for double-bell trumpet solo

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© Janet Sinica

Vier Todesmomente

03.01.2022 | 

Sang Song's composition for brass quartet with a programme text by the composer

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20.12.2021 | 

Ulrich Löffler and Dirk Rothbrust performing Steffen Krebber's composition Amphiference, with a video interview about the piece

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© Janet Sinica

Rondo de facto

13.12.2021 | 

Dirk Rothbrust playing Rondo de facto for one pebble by Mazyar Kashian

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Carl Rosman © Janet Sinica


05.12.2021 | 

Performance of Richard Barrett's compositon for contrabass clarinet solo, voice and bass drum, with a programme note by clarinetist Carl Rosman

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Axel Porath © Janet Sinica

in nomines (1-4), surrogates, limbs, etc.

22.11.2021 | 

A video of Evan Johnson's composition in nomines (1-4), surrogates, limbs, etc., with a programme note by the composer himself

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Ulrich Löffler © Janet Sinica

In a Landscape

15.11.2021 | 

Ulrich Löffler's interpretation of John Cage's composition In a Landscape

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08.11.2021 | 

Sara Cubarsi performs Samuel Solís-Serrano's short violin solo ʾmr .

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